Information for New and Expecting Parents

News of a baby with Down syndrome brings many emotions. We are optimistic and hopeful as we greet parents. We listen and share information. We want to connect with YOU.
Hope Baskets: Our Hope Baskets are delivered to families in the hospital, as requested by the parent and social worker involved. Parents are invited to participate in ongoing support group events. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest from DSANB and connect with us here.

Ongoing Support and Information Support Group Family Gatherings: We celebrate families by pot lucking and visiting during the annual Christmas Party and Step Up 4 Down Syndrome Families stay connected and siblings share fun-filled activities together. Mom & Dad’s Night Out: Once in a while moms and dads need to get away from everything at home to socialize and relax. We choose a restaurant where we can have dinner with new and old friends. Great ideas flow, friendships are rekindled, and lots of laughs are inevitable.

We are always looking for parent involvement and volunteers.

Suggested reading and references for new & expecting parents

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Global Down Syndrome Foundation